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Crackle for iPhone/iPad – Free Download & Install on iOS Device

Watching movies is certainly a pleasure thing to do. We usually do it with TV or simply go to the cinema. But, have you ever thought of watching them by using your smartphone? Yes, now you can do that with the latest technology. Nowadays there have been a number of apps which allow you to watch films or TV shows for free. One of them is Crackle. If you are iOS users, you can find it in the App Store. Unfortunately, it seems it is only available in the US region. That means areas other than the USA will not be able to use it. For that matter, we have prepared a solution which you can follow to install Crackle for iPhone or iPad.

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Crackle for iPhone/iPad – Download Official App on iOS

  1. Install Vshare

If you think you can install Crackle from another source, think again. The OS of iPhone or Ipad will take that action as an illegal thing. That’s why you will not be able to get Crackle with this way. Hence, try to install Vshare. It is an app which allows you to get all iOS apps for free. However, since it is also unavailable in App Store, you cannot install it just like that. Otherwise, you will get a jailbreak.

In order to install Vshare without getting such issues, you may type in the URL of your browser. When you entered the site, click on a button of Download (unjailbroken). When you have clicked it, there will be a notification pop up. Click on Install. Next, click on the icon, and you will see another warning pop-up. Click on Trust, and the app is free to use now.

  1. Install Crackle for iPhone with Vshare

Now that you already have Vshare, the next thing you have to do is to download Crackle for iPhone or other iOS devices. Using this app is as simple as applying the App Store. Both of them have the same way of installation. Here are the following steps for that.

  1. Open Vshare and search for Crackle
  2. When you found it, simply click on Install
  3. After the installation is done, click on Open and done

In Crackle, you will find a list of movies as well as TV shows you can watch. Just pick one of them, and it will start streaming for you. However, if it does not play the show at all, maybe it is because you need a video player for that. If you have such issue, then simply install an app for that purpose such as MX Video Player. You may search it through the App Store. If this app is also not available, you can use Vshare again.

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By following these tips, every iOS user is capable of watching their favorite shows. One thing you must note does not uninstall Vshare even if you have got Crackle for iPhone or iPad. Who knows you might need it again to download other apps that you cannot get from the App Store.

Crackle for iPhone/iPad – Free Download & Install on iOS Device
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